Next Steps Cancer Prevention eCourse

Continue to explore natural cancer prevention and support with this 5-class, expert-level course. Combining expert videos, transcripts, and quizzes to help you integrate what you’ve learned, this course will teach you how to implement powerful, effective strategies and solutions — diet, detox, mindset and more — for an anti-cancer lifestyle.


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The 5 expert-led lessons in this course include:

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Cancer Prognosis with Dr. Eva Detko
  • Using Keto For Breast Cancer with Dr. David Jockers
  • Influencing Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment with Ryan Sternagel
  • Cancer Processes and Detoxification: Focus on Antioxidants with Dr. Deanna Minich
  • Fasting, Ketosis and Cancer with Dr. David Jockers 

Each lesson in the course consists of a video and quiz. You must obtain a minimum passing score of 70% on each quiz to receive a certificate for the entire course.