Q: Do I have to watch the lessons in the order they appear?

A: No, you can watch the lessons in any order you choose. 

Q: I watched the video and finished the quiz but the lesson didn’t show complete with a line drawn through it and checkmark. Why?

A: You must score 70% or better on a quiz in order to complete the lesson. Please retake the quiz until you score 70% or higher. You must achieve 70% or more on all quizzes to receive the certificate of completion.

Q: Where do I find my certificate of completion if I didn’t save/print it at the time of completion?

• Click on your profile picture

• Click on “Courses”

• Click on “My certificates”

Q: I changed my mind about purchasing the course and would like a refund. What is the refund policy and how do I request a refund?

A: Students who register for a CEU course occasionally change their mind for one reason or another. We get it! Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so all paid courses are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase, provided you have not completed 100% of the course. If those conditions are not met, the refund will automatically be rejected. Additionally, students who purchase and refund multiple courses over a period of time may be blocked from using the site for abuse of the refund policy.

To request a refund, contact our support team. Please include the name of the course and the first and last name used to purchase the course. Refunds are usually returned via the original payment method.

Q: I don’t see that you are an approved continuing education provider for my particular professional organization. Where can I put in my request?

A: Please fill in our questionnaire 

Q: After watching the talks, I have some health-related questions. Can I ask you?

A: For health-related questions, we encourage you to reach out directly to the individual speaker who is most relevant to your question via their established communication channels. We are unable to answer any health-related questions.